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Why I Love Showit & 3 Reasons You Will Too2 min read

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll laugh and think every day is like the preschool days of show and tell on my page! I can’t wait to share what I’m swooning over in palettes of colors, logo concepts, monogram wax seals and custom hand drawn flowers! I completely obsess over details for my clients and it’s only one platform that allows me to do that consistently!

The Showit platform is hands down the trump card of online presence! They get it when entrepreneurs scream, we need room to play for our creativity to run freely every day! Of course, they’re widely known for their drag and drop website feature BUT there’s so much more when you unwrap this platform of a gift!  I could go on for days with ample reasons of why I chose Showit, but I’ve narrowed mine down to my top 3 reasons of why Showit rules.

  1. They provide creative liberty! I’m in absolute control of every aspect of the designing process down to the mobile lay out. This is SO important as a designer because each client brings a  unique flare to the table for me to interlace with their brand.
  2. Their platform plays well and is application friendly with others. Often my clients are already established businesses and have used various programs. Showit is structured to interact exceptionally well with apps such as Convert Kit, Mailchimp, Youtube, and WordPress.
  3. The community is the cream of the crop! A diverse group of seasoned photographers offering unbeatable customer service to anyone who needs assistance. They warmly make you feel like you’re a part of something major and most importantly you’re never alone.

There is much more to be said about Showit, and by doing your research and keeping an eye on them, you’ll quickly have your own reasons why! They allow me to produce one of a kind designs for my clients while showing them The Branded by Bernel experience I firmly stand behind. They give me the full confidence to educate and tell my clients how to upkeep their basic maintenance successfully even after their launch date. As we all know, sharing is caring and the Showit community continues to help me brand my clients the Branded by Bernel way proving there’s room in this world for all of us to be great!

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