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hey hun, i'm bernel

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Branding Educator

Travel Enthusiast

It was a lot of staring at code day in and day out. Eventually, I drifted into creating a hub where I could marry my love for the arts and my technical degree while offering what I could to friends and family. Eventually, I came to a place where people started paying for it… almost by complete accident. 

A happy accident. An accident that proved that success doesn’t have to be in a specific box. I was able to rip open that cardboard and jump out of it to find a definition of success that works for me.

Which is exactly what I want for you, too.

Web development is not as creative as you think!!

note  to  self :

If I’m being honest, Branded by Bernel (the design company) sort of happened by mistake. Let's be clear, not in the "overnight success" kind of way, but more like I knew I wanted to make a difference in tech but didn't know how. Let's be real, some of the best things in life are happy mistakes:

Penicillin, microwave ovens, chocolate chip cookies… you can go ahead and put Branded by Bernel on that list, too.

See, growing up I was always interested in art. I was tossed into every creative summer program imaginable and fully enjoyed it. But of course, like most of us, I was taught that success had to fit in a specific box. I had to go to college, get a degree, and dive into the corporate world in order to pay the bills.

here's The Backstory

started from the bottom now we're here...okay not exactly

but your current branding
just doesn't do it for you anymore...

You are one of the larger-than-life people who just want to show up as authentically online as you do in reality. 

You are know as the high-end achiever in your niche.

You are naturally creative in your own zones of genius.

sound familiar?

See why they’re unapologetically proud to show off.

We have helped hundreds of creatives showcase their brands.

There is always a spot for creatives on my couch. I will always welcome in the excellence that is brilliant and visual entrepreneurs. Your thoughts, your desires, your genius and passion… this is what seasons our world, and we need more of it.

I am dedicated to using my expertise to design the details for your expertise to shine.

Not just for you, but for those you are impacting, too.

Watch the whole video here

and a long time.

here for a good time

/Ber. nel. isms/

A phrase in Bernel's everyday vocabulary.


"do better"



"AWW yay!!"

It would be advantageous for you to improve your behavior.

This southern belle is truly grateful.

It's time to go!

I'm so glad you love your product, you were a great client.

My dream vehicle is a blue 1966 chevy, complete with patches of rust, a few old stories and windows you have to roll down by hand.

no. 1

I love musicals... you can catching me blasting Hamilton in the car any day of the week.

no. 2

Growing up I could never find my name on magnets so now I monogram everything!

no. 3

I attended a performing /visual arts high school. (yes, it really was like "glee")

no. 4

what is a showit design partner?

I'm so glad you asked! In short a Showit Design Partner is an experienced website designer who has been vetted and approved by Showit. To qualify we had to pass their design market standards course, show a pattern of  consistently beautiful site designs, and provide a great client experience. I am honored to be a part of this program and to serve my clients with top quality designs.

Cuz I’m pretty sure I do.

Do You Feel a Connection? 

what does bomb branding and stylish showit web design look like in your industry? 

in case you were wondering...

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