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So you can show up in your genius. Fully.

Let us handle the tangle of ideas you’ve been wrestling with.
Let us help you uplevel your brand to match your unique voice.
Let us build you a foundation you can grow and scale with.

{Because building your cohesive brand shouldn’t have to be hard}

We Obsess over the Details So You Don’t Have to.

Professional. Unique. And easy to maintain.

Your website is your brand’s home. It’s where your brand can live and breathe and welcome in your people with open arms.

And yet, sometimes you feel like the home your brand is living in doesn’t match its professionalism.

That’s where we come in. We’re breaking away from the model buildings with painters’ white walls and curtainless windows. We’re here to help you choose the paint on the walls and which pillows to match. To build an experience for your audience to fall in love with and come back to every time they need someone in your niche. So you can finally have a brand home that feels like you. 

Stylish & Strategic Showit Web Design

Level Up Your Client Experience 


I wanted to have the full experience, so I trusted her to completely redesign my brand and website. I never felt like my brand represented myself and my business, until Bernel worked her magic. It is everything I hoped it would be and completely represents my company. She is so easy to work with and we even launched my brand and website ahead of schedule! I highly recommend her to all my friends whenever I have the chance.

'' Oh my goodness, I don't know where to begin! Bernel is literally the best! "'


Real People. REAL projects. 

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Because I want you to love your website. 
And I want your brand to feel loved while people visit it. 

It doesn’t feel great, and you’re pretty sure your clients think the same, too. Only, you can’t put your finger on the why (or all the whys) it’s not working. This is where I say, it’s time to phone a friend.

It’s me. I’m the friend. And I’ll carve out a whole day for your call.

For those moments when you’re looking at your current website and tapping your fingers on your desk.

Design on Demand

Quality & stylish website templates for when you need to level up,

like, yesterday.

Launch your new offer, show off your new look, create a space that reflects you today rather than where your brand started. Let us be your creative director so you can experience growth on your timeline.

100% creative control.
100% support in you keeping that control for a lifetime.

what does bomb branding and stylish showit web design look like in your industry? 

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