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Why I Chose to Rebrand3 min read

My hands are shaking with excitement as I write this blog post the night before my launch!!! I’m almost ashamed to say it’s taken me nearly a year to get my website back up and running for you! This is what happens when all your creatives in business drop by for coffee, sit down on the sofa to chat; before you know it, we’re branding and re-branding! So, I must say thank you kindly for your patience! You would not believe the amount of research, crumbled up sketchbook paper and sleepless nights went into my new online home.

The vision I had for my re-brand started in late 2017 when I realized I had outgrown my current site. Evolving in business led me to expanding my services, adding new products and a completely new portfolio for your eye candy pleasure. So, I needed a brand to match the growth of my business. Originally Branded by Bernel, was very pink and white. As a person who catered to female entrepreneurs, that color scheme served its purpose. However, you will find my new color palette to be very neutral; don’t worry there are still hints of dusty rose throughout. So, what’s new other than the colors? The new site features:

• Easier Navigation: It is very important to me that my clients and potential clients find exactly what they’re looking for. My services are broken into 3 divisions and the blog features 5 categories. I also added a header and a footer menu, so no matter which direction you scroll, you can easily find what interests you.

• The Shop: We are in the process of opening our online shop, filled with all the essential templates you need for your growing business, plus some pretty art prints!

• Brand + Web Design Services: To better streamline my process and produce the best results for my clients I no longer send custom proposals. I now offer three carefully curated packages that will deliver top-notch results. I also added a retainer program to better serve your evolving design needs.

• The Portfolio: Because of the highly personal nature of my design work, my portfolio is now categorized by Client. There is a detailed description of each project and you can walk through the process from start to finish on the Blog.

• The About Page: I have always believed in design that is aesthetically pleasing and converts viewers into clients. But I quickly realized something was lacking from my previous site. My content converted but did not form connections. It lacked the personal touch. Now you will find my about me page is full of little features, that help you get to know me better.

There will be many additions in the coming months, but everything considered, it makes me blush seeing how it turned out. The secrets out the bag, I’ve been sketching, designing and making it comfortable for you with our new online home! Well worth the anticipated year wait my fellow creatives! I’m excited to hear your thoughts!

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