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Brand Photography Pt.1: What Is It and Why You Need It?3 min read

It’s been said many times that a picture is worth a thousand words. Guess what, your brand strategy is no exception. Purposefully curated images for your business are powerful! Your brand is an experience, it’s how you make you people feel. Whether it be through your social media, email newsletter or your website branding photography is a key element in helping you stand out and build a trust factor with your client. 

“Okay I have great images but how do I know if they qualify as brand photography?” Who better to ask than the pros? had the opportunity to speak with Carrie owner of Carrie Allen Photography.

What does the term brand photography mean to you? 

“To me, brand photography is any imagery created for a business with their branding aesthetic, marketing strategy, audience, and any specific placements of said images in mind. It’s an umbrella term for any photos a business needs, whether that’s custom “stock” photos like hands on a keyboard, or photos of their office or storefront, studio headshots, environmental portraits and candids, or photos that highlight their services and products from the customer or client’s perspective. Ultimately, it should show their target audience what that brand is all about.

What is the number one benefit of hiring a brand photographer?

The number one benefit of brand photography is that it inspires new ideas for marketing and content creation. As a brand photographer, I deliver galleries that include far more than the specific needs of the business at that time. I anticipate that the photos may be used as hero images, they might be cropped to thumbnails, they could appear in magazines, and on and on. So brand photography is about creating a whole library of images that a business owner or designer or strategist can sift through time and again to pull images from for content they haven’t even thought to create yet. 

Pro tip:  when picking props to include in your branding photoshoot, Bring something that makes it unique to you. If you love candles or coffee mugs include that into a few images, if you are obsessed with journaling…make that a part of your shoot. You want to make sure it not only captures your brand style but also your personality. People want to find you relatable!

I had the opportunity to speak with Ari owner of Ariel Perry Photography

What steps should you take when looking to hire a brand photographer? Does photography style really matter? 

“When hiring a brand photographer the consumer should be extremely picky. At the end of the day, the photos you take will play a HUGE part in the revenue you are bringing in.  When you are researching your photographer, you should look out for quality first and foremost. Are the pictures clear? Does the color pop? Are the pictures cropped correctly? Is their body of work consistent? All of these things MATTER. You want photos that are timeless. These are photos you can use years from now. Which brings so does style matter? It absolutely does. You do NOT want “filtered and dull” looking photos.  Nine times out of ten that won’t bring you more revenue. 

You want scroll stopping pictures! Always remember that. If the photographer does not wow you, then I promise they aren’t the one for your business. “

The number one thing I hear from brands looking to take their online presence to the next level is they need a complete refresh. Well, I’m happy to say we now offer a package that has just that. Branded by Bernel has teamed with Ariel Perry to create the ultimate branding package check it out here!

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