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How To Design Showstopping Emails – Plus 50% off Flodesk Forever3 min read

Every company needs to market its brand effectively to curate the image they want their target audience to have. There are many marketing strategies and tools to achieve that result, however, a tool is only as powerful as the person using it. Additionally, all tools do not suit each job, so how do you choose which one is right for your brand?

Email marketing has been an effective marketing tool since the Internet came, but recently through the use of email software, this method has gained more traction. Email marketing is now done through software and automation tools that make it easier and interactive to use this technique.

Why Is Email Marketing Important?

Larger Reach

94% of people on the Internet use email. This helps your business in reaching a wide audience.

High Return on Investment (ROI)

No ad money is utilized. Yes, you read that right you don’t have to run an ad to show up in front of your target client. This makes email marketing an inexpensive (yet highly valuable) marketing tactic with good returns.

It Is More Personal

Email marketing is a personal way to reach your target audience and show you care, especially if you personalize the email!

If these reasons are compelling enough for you to use email marketing as a tool then it is also wise to use a platform that helps you create high converting email campaigns. One of these platforms is Flodesk. 

If you are a blogger, a small entrepreneur or even a big business, Flodesk has got you covered. You can choose from a range of beautiful layouts and templates, and customize them to suit your brand. But let’s be real the pretty isn’t all there is to consider, right?

So here are a few compelling reasons as to why you should choose Flodesk.

Gorgeous User-Friendly Templates

Templates designed to convert: To get you started, Flodesk has a library of gorgeous templates to help you welcome, nurture, and convert subscribers into customers. Built-in partnership with other successful entrepreneurs, each template is designed to help you up your email game. Oh, and customizing them is simple. A few clicks and the templates transform to match your brand’s unique look and feel.

Social Media Engagement 

One great thing about this software is that you can integrate your social media accounts and they will show at the bottom of each email. This helps in engagement as your subscribers can easily access your social media accounts.

Great Pricing Structure

Flodesk has a fixed monthly rate and doesn’t charge you extra if the list of your subscriber’s increases, unlike other software. Whether
you’re looking to start a small newsletter or build an email
marketing empire, you pay the same monthly price

Customizing Emails Has Never Been Easier

In most software, to make your email custom, you need to know to code. However, Flodesk has made it very convenient for all types of users by adding the drag and drop feature for customization. You don’t need to worry if you are new; all you need is a creative mind and Flodesk to apply that creativity in your marketing campaign. 

Flodesk is relatively new at this game, but it has gained high popularity in a short period of time as every person who has used it, only has good things to say about it. If you are still not sure that Flodesk is the right choice for your business, you can take a free trial and see for yourself!  


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