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It’s spring time, which means most of us have been spring cleaning around our homes, but what if you took the spring cleaning concept to your website? On today’s episode, I’m walking you through everything you should review in your next website audit! Plus, I’m sharing a few tools you can use within your audit […]

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ep | 8 Positioning Your Business to Make an Impact - feat. Chip Dizárd

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll laugh and think every day is like the preschool days of show and tell on my page! I can’t wait to share what I’m swooning over in palettes of colors, logo concepts, monogram wax seals and custom hand drawn flowers! I completely obsess over details for my clients and it’s only one platform that allows me to do that consistently!

ep | 2 How to Turn Your Passion into a Profit While Working Full Time - feat. Lay Young

Are you renting or owning your online presence? Have you ever thought about your social media platform as borrowed land? We are already at the mercy of the algorithm, what would you do if Instagram stopped working? Or if Linkedin crashed?! Scary thoughts right??? Okay you can take a deep breath and stop looking for wine, the scary part is over…

ep | 9 Growing Your Social Media Through Strategic Storytelling - feat. Akua Konadu

Every company needs to market its brand effectively to curate the image they want their target audience to have. There are many marketing strategies and tools to achieve that result, however, a tool is only as powerful as the person using it. Additionally, all tools do not suit each job, so how do you choose which one is right for your brand?

SO excited that this podcast is here! If you're looking for a motivational and business minded podcast to listen to, go no further!! I love the way that Bernel just drops truth bombs. Tuning in every Saturday...

Hi, I'm Bernel — You may know me as the branding and website designer who obsesses over the details so you don’t have to! I am the owner and lead designer of Branded by Bernel, a North Carolina-based creative studio. I am dedicated to helping creative entrepreneurs build brands that stand out, from logo creation to one of a kind websites. I work to establish a foundation of trust between your business and potential / current clients. 

hi, i'm bernel

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