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Integrating Youtube In Your Business feat. John Branch

What if there was a tool that could build your audience, grow your business, and open the door for additional monetization? In this episode, John Branch IV joins me to share how he’s integrated Youtube in his business to do all of that! Listen in as he explains how Youtube drives his audience to his brand, allows him to book more speaking gigs, and collaborate with paid partnerships and sponsorships too!

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John Branch IV is a wedding photographer and Youtube content creator in the Raleigh, NC area. After nearly 10 years of servicing weddings John now teaches other photographers h ow to run their wedding photography business and succeed as a wedding photographer. He s peaks at public events such as Spark, WPPI, The Reset Conference and share knowledge on Youtube growing is follower count to 162k subscribers.

Utilizing Youtube as a Billboard for Your Business

John got started with Youtube early on in his career—back before he was even a wedding photographer. Since he jumped on Youtube again for his business a few years ago, he’s learned how to use it for his business. Youtube has become a place he can connect with and teach his audience. Over time, he’s found that as an entrepreneur, Youtube is like a billboard for your business. While it isn’t the main focus, it does act as a lead generation tool to drive traffic to his brand.

Compared to other social media tools, Youtube allows for your audience to get to know and connect with you. On other social media platforms, you have to show up so much more.

Getting Started with Youtube for Your Business

For entrepreneurs who are looking to add Youtube to their business, John has a few considerations for you.

Know Your Topic & Niche

Figure out what you would want to share with the world that also goes along with your business—not necessarily just sharing about your services. By sharing your education, you’re not giving up your business or trade secrets, you’re simply sharing your knowledge for when someone is ready to pay you.

Affiliate Marketing on Your Channel

While many business owners are using their channel to build their business, it’s also possible to monetize your Youtube channel as well through affiliate links! To do this, create an umbrella of content pillars so you can find the ideal audience and connect with them on many levels. In addition, some brands will sponsor you to talk about their products.

Check out some of John’s affiliate links:

Get amazing Photography Education to Help You Start Your Photography Business
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Backblaze to Backup Data
VidIQ for Youtube content and tag research
Epidemic Sound

Tools to Get Started on Youtube

While the tech and tools can feel intimidating when you’re getting started with Youtube, the majority of us have exactly what we need!

  1. iPhone (Optional: Moment Lens)
  2. Rode Micro Mini Microphone ($50-$100)
  3. Window Light

It doesn’t take much to get started with Youtube—simple is better in the beginning to get started!

The Benefits of Youtube & Building an Audience

Youtube has a variety of benefits for you as a brand and business owner. While it’s fun to post and create content, the numbers behind your subscribers and views are helpful too! Here are a few things to consider with how you’re using your Youtube channel:

  1. Growing of social media platforms & clout.
  2. Numbers to pitch sponsorships & free products. (10,000 subscribers)
  3. Monetizing with ads (1,000 subscribers)


Now to my favorite question here on the show, I asked John, what are three actionable steps that someone could take today to move their business forward on social media?

  1. Get yourself some gear (a microphone).
  2. Record & put it out there.
  3. Talk to who you want to talk to.

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