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Showing Up Visually & Developing Your Own Style on Social Media feat. Dr. Sandra Colton-Medici

Showing up online is hard, but when you’re trying to stay relevant with trends, it can feel almost impossible. That’s why it’s important to develop your own style on social media when you show up. Dr. Sandra Colton-Medici of Styled to the Nines joins us to share how to do this through just a few actionable steps!

The Branded by Bernel Podcast is brought to you by Bernel Westbrook, lead designer and founder of Branded by Bernel, a design studio dedicated to building strong brands and Showit websites for creative entrepreneurs.

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Dr. Sandra Colton-Medici provides social strategy services and a 6-week group coaching program called Styled to the Nines to help online business owners uplevel their visual design and social strategy.

Styled to the Nines

Dr. Sandra is a lover of style and how you show up, which is one of the reasons she named her signature program Styled to the Nines. How you show up visually is important specifically in how you show up in your business, online, on podcasts, on social media, etc. How you’re presenting yourself to your audience deterimes how they see you and connect with you.

Through Styled to the Nines and Dr. Sandra’s other services, you can strategically plan out how you’re going to show up!

Growing with Social Media

With so many new features popping up, trending, then being phased out, it’s hard to keep up. When you join a group coaching program specifically made for social tools, you’re able to see this happen in real time, while also connecting with other entrepreneurs to see how they’re pivoting or even just simply showing up online in their own style!

Showing Up Visually & Developing Your Own Style on Social Media

Now, what does it look like to actually show up visually online with your own style? Let’s walk through it!

  1. The first step might be that you need to get over yourself and looks. You have to show up for your audience in a way that serves them. Trust your core expertise to shine past whatever you look like.
  2. Develop how you’re going to communicate your expertise, then refine that communication! If you’re speaking in sound bites or even long-form storytelling.
    • Determine your platform by trying it all.
    • Hone in on your knowledge on your products, services, & more.
    • Articulate your message.
    • Determine your goal.
    • Be intentional.


Now to my favorite question here on the show, I asked Dr. Sandra, what are three actionable steps that someone could take today to move their business forward on social media?

  1. Set a schedule that works for you.
  2. Build your editorial calendar.
  3. Commit to measuring the progress.

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Hey, hi. Welcome to the Branded by Bernel podcast. I’m your host Bernel. You may know me as the branding and web designer who obsesses over the details so you don’t have to. We all desire to be great at what we do. Although once we get there, no one seems to talk about the messy middle. This motivated me to set the table and invite industry peers over to share stories about living and working in the creative world. So grab the OJ and champagne, pull up a chair, join the creative community and be prepared to build a brand you fall in love with. This is the brand new buy Brunel Podcast. Today on the podcast, I am so excited to be joined by Dr. Sandra Colton-Medici. Dr. Sandra is an entrepreneur, educator and author. She helps driven entrepreneurs like you discover and develop their unique passion and build personal and business brands. After 30 years in the entertainment industry, appearing in TV shows, films commercials and on tours, she pivoted and obtained her Doctorate of Education from USC. Now she creates visual branding to stop the scroll on social media and strategic messaging to let your voice shine through and attract your ideal clients. The College of style community is world class built on the foundation of her philosophy on success. If you can get in the room, and you know your why your product, your brand and your pitch. The closing will feel like the easy part. Dr. Sandra helps individuals just like you to refine your message, define your personal brand and navigate relationship building so that getting in the room isn’t so hard. Sandra, thank you so much for joining me on the podcast today.

Oh, thank you for having me. I’m so excited. You you bring so much energy and livelihood. I just I’m trying to match it over here.

No, no worries at all. I am always so energetic for these phone calls. Because I love connecting with other creative entrepreneurs. And I really love for my audience to see not only what they can achieve, but also like meet other wonderful entrepreneurs that that maybe they couldn’t connect with. So I’m glad you’re here.

Exciting. Thank you so much. Let’s chat. I want to I want to I want to get into the good stuff.

Yes, indeed. Well, just to give you guys a little backstory for listening at home, Sandra and I met at show at spark it is a conference. It’s an annual conference, the show it puts on for show it users if you’re not familiar with show it you must be new around here. It’s a website design platform. I’ve talked about it all the time, you can go listen to several other episodes about that platform. But that conference specifically is where we were able to connect. And one of the things that really stood out to me about Sandra is that she had such a level of insight on how you can show up on social media, how you can really show up in your personal brand and really like live your authentic self. And that is totally what we stand for over here. So that’s why I wanted to bring her on the show today. So for the people listening at home, Sandra, what are some of the things that your business offers? I know that the name of it is the College of style. But what how can people work with the College of style?

Well, so you can always go directly to my website, and that will just get that out of the way if you want to go to college of It’s exactly the way it sounds is how you spell it College of And a lot of times people will think of College of style as like, maybe I’m a fashion designer, which I’m certainly into style, social media, social strategy, to be specific. And also just personal growth, I talk a lot about pop culture, and give really good examples of what’s happening online for people to kind of like relate to what they’re doing in business now and where they can kind of see themselves relating to what other businesses are doing. So to work with me, I have a few different services that I offer. Number one, you can always follow me for free on social media and just get kind of a lot of general knowledge about social media social strategy there. But I often recommend that people who are looking for really specific guidance to either reach out to me to work with me one on one, or in that same same website calls with Or you can join my six week group coaching program. I have a new cohort Starting this spring and 2023 I think it’s going to be the year for your listeners to really rev up what you’ve either already put in place for your strategy, or really refine that strategy to work for you. So that six week group group coaching program is called styled to the nines. And it’s kind of a play on words of like, you know the phrase like dress to, like dress to the nines, exactly. except for I love the word style, because it relates to a lot of different things, whether it’s your lifestyle, whether it’s your communication style, your presentation style, there’s a lot of different ways that you can define your personal style, which goes directly into what you do with personal branding, you know, with showing up visually. And so I love the phrase, which I’ve trademarked styled to the nines, because it incorporates how you specifically show up. And that could be on your podcast, it could be on your ecommerce website, it could be just literally creating a logo, right? But it really, it’s how you present yourself to your audience. And that’s how we really get specific, even though it’s a group coaching program, we we have, you know, that one on one q&a Is during during our live live sessions, where you can ask questions, which a lot of times when you get into group coaching sessions, you’re like, Oh, I’m just kind of like one of many. But really, for me, I want to get to the heart of what people are trying to accomplish, and really give specific examples that are going to help you get to the next goal that you’ve put out for yourself. So that’s the second way is group coaching. And then I also have courses online that, you know, they’re pretty reasonably priced, and they’re self paced. So if you are not trying to talk to me at all, you can certainly learn from me in those online courses. And then you know, if you feel comfortable with my teaching style, then you know, maybe make an appointment to do one on one coaching.

Yes, oh, my goodness, I love . So many cool ways to work with you. One of the things I wanted to follow up on with stylists in the 90s Oh, my goodness, love that name, by the way, that is a Social Media Design program, right? Like, okay, so that is good. Um, you definitely offer brand audits, and like business coaching, and all of that, which I think is really, really good. But I know that, or you guys have told me listening at home, that social media is a pain point for a lot of creative entrepreneurs. And so that is that coaching cohort is something that I think you should check out if social media is one of those things that you dread. If posting on Instagram is something that’s like literally just throwing mud and hoping something sticks, you have no strategy, you get discouraged when people aren’t liking your posts, you don’t know how to interact, you’re just like, all of this is a foreign language to me, I definitely think that program, group coaching would be good for you. Because social media is, you know, we have a love hate relationship with it as entrepreneurs a lot of times, so

the love hate relationship that you mentioned, is the fact that features come and go. And with a group coaching programs like mine, that goes six weeks, you actually see them come and go in real time, right. And so that’s kind of one of those things that I think you don’t always get if you work with somebody, and then you’re done. Right? Ifyou have that kind of length of time, where you feel like you’re in it for, you know, a good amount of time, but it’s not like every single day for the rest of the year, you can see how features are either popping up and you want to jump on them real quick, or they’re being phased out, like a lot of the Creator programs are being phased out, you know, other features are coming up, you know, whether it’s you know, stories, or now’s or B reels or whatever it might be, you know, it’s good to kind of be in that kind of, I would say bubble of people talking to each other to say, How did you use it? Did it work for you? Should I use it? I don’t have it yet. What does it look like? Right? Because things get rolled out to different people at different times. And so that’s the one thing that I love about a group coaching program. That’s six weeks because you get in there to strategize to start creating, but then to look at the features and say what one of these features, whether it’s engagement or sharing or saving, or however it is that you’re looking at it, what is it going to do for my business, and not everybody is looking to do every one of the things right? Because you can’t do all the things 100% All the time. So I just love the love hate relationship with it. Because as it moves forward, like we see with like Twitter, kind of in this middle of the road phase of new ownership and things like post and Mastodon like bubbling up and Jack Dorsey’s new thing called Sky social, like on a waitlist, like what’s going to happen. And it’s kind of like when you’re in that place of not knowing you can do so much. You know, you can be creative and just thrive by not knowing and doing your own thing, because then people start to follow you instead of following those other trends. And I think that’s where that great camaraderie of business owners and a group coaching program can really thrive.

Yes. Oh, my goodness. So I love the point that you just mentioned, it’s the perfect segue. I really love that idea of people following you versus following the trends because the title of this episode is really showing up visually and developing your own style on social media. And so I am super excited for you to kind of walk us So how does someone do that? How do you develop that style? How do you find your unique voice? When communicating with your audience? Like, how do you get out there? Like, what would you say the first step to that

is? So I would say, and this is coming from someone who’s been in entertainment for a very long time, and I think that is getting over yourself. Right. And that is, I looked like this when I was doing XYZ. And I can’t show up that way. Now, because my audience doesn’t know me that way. That was my first hurdle. Because I was a dancer for a long, long, long, long, long time. You know, I toured with Rihanna, I danced on tour with Katharine McPhee, I was in videos with Snoop Dogg and Justin Timberlake and did a lot of stuff where people don’t know me the same as they do now online, they didn’t know back then that I was interested in journalism, they didn’t know that back then that I was interested in fashion, or that I went to fashion school in London, like, those things didn’t matter, then. But they matter now. And so somebody that I was working with, in the Creator program at LinkedIn, she said, your audience is different. Even though some people have followed you along the way. Your audience now knows you how you are now. And that’s something that I had to be really like, like, what they don’t know me as, like, on stage like getting it right. Like they don’t know me like, and so it’s interesting, where, and I’m not trying to be like, super like, VC, you know what I mean? I just know that for me, I was very, you know, it was all about the face, right? And a lot of times with Tik Tok and other apps, it’s not about the face, right? It’s about showing up. And Instagram was about the face, right? And that’s where that divide that big pivot for a lot of people, they have to get over that fear of showing up how they look right now. Because looks can be deceiving. And you know, it just like I know it with all the filters that are online, right? So if you can, that’s the first step is literally trusting your core expertise, to shine past whatever you look like that day, right? If you trust that, you know what, you know, because you either went to school for it, you lived it, you own it, right? If you can trust that, and be able to start to just one day at a time communicate that because the communication can be a little jilted. Right. So I would say the trusting of your core expertise, and being able to show up is step one. The second part is being able to develop how you’re going to communicate that expertise, because just hitting the Post button is the hardest part, right? The second part is being able to refine that communication so that you are speaking in sound bites, if that’s your thing, or you are telling the longest stories, as you know, maybe somebody like Elise, I’m forgetting her last name, Elisa, what is her name? I I’m dying right now, anyways, or telling a story in a way that is really inviting to people, or literally just giving tips or hacks, right, figuring out what your, your desired method of distribution of that information and really refining that that’s the second part, right? But getting yourself to that place where you’re like, okay with it, that’s really the first part is jumping in the pool. When it’s freezing cold, because you’re not jumping in a pool that’s warm, you are jumping in a frozen entity. And that’s how everybody feels. I’m jumping into the deep end, it’s cold. How am I going to shiver my way to the, to the edge of it to just peek my head out to see if like anybody saw, right, and when you see yourself to see if like Did anybody see that? Probably nobody. did? You know what I mean? Nobody saw you jump in. But you know that you did, right? It’s kind of like that tree in the forest. Like when when it falls? Did anybody hear it? No. But you know that you did it. And you can get up the next morning and do it again. Right? And then people start to see you show up every single day, they start to see that consistency. And they’re like, I want to be like her. I don’t know what she’s talking about. But she’s in my feed every single day. Right? And that’s the thing, that consistency that not only are you showing up for you, you’re showing up for the people who now show up to see what you’re going to talk about every single day. So those are kind of the first two steps.

Yes. Oh my goodness. I love that. I that is so very good. Um, especially with like, be real. I mean, even in the title, and Tik Tok and how Snapchat has just moved. The I feel like the wave of social media is moving toward we want to know what you’re doing right now. We want to know who you are right now. What you stand for right now, what your knowledge is right now and not as much of what You’ve curated over the last five months to look like with the filters and the perfectly written words and the you know, all of that, that I feel like Instagram and Facebook were more about, those became more of highlight reels where you show your best moments. And I feel like the newer social media platforms are like, show me your real moments. And so I love that tip number one, and then number two of just just doing it like you got to get out there, you have to dive in, you have to take that first step. So as someone who coaches people on taking that first step, how are there any exercises? Or what would you say someone needs to do when just kind of trying to hone in who they want to talk to you? Like, let’s talk about that communicating to their ideal client? How does somebody go about figuring out that communication style?

Well, I think that you have to try a few different things. I think that’s what advice I’ve seen a lot of people give online, and it’s not bad advice, looking at what people are doing online to say, okay, am I a blogger? Is that my communication style? Or am I a YouTuber, right? Do I need to be on video? Or am I somebody who’s able to do shorter things like on tick tock, right? And try it all, because you will be able to see like, right away, like, I’m not really doing that, right? That’s really not my thing. Some YouTubers will do their like 10 to 2030 minute video, and then cut that down, because they don’t want to spend the time to do those shorter things, right, they’re just into the longer videos. And then they can take that longer content and make it shorter to repurpose to those other platforms. I think as you go through testing different formats, you will find what feels good to you. And then you will have to decide, do I want to spend time getting better at XYZ format? Right? Or do I just want to live in my, you know, comfort zone. And to me, I think it’s it’s kind of that negotiation where you most likely will try to better yourself in a different kind of format, whether that’s just audio only, like on platforms like amp, by Amazon, or the Spotify live that they have, which used to be Spotify, green room, things like that. So you could literally take those moments that maybe you’re doing for video only, and then extract those four different kinds of audio like social audio platforms. I think that the one thing that people will if they have a shopping element and E commerce element to their, you know, website, their show at website or wherever they are, is the live shopping because that is something that has blown up is in the billions of dollars in industry right now. That’s not going away. Whether it’s YouTube, adding the live shopping to their platform, Tik Tok, live shopping, Amazon live for Amazon influencers, live shopping. There’s so much of that. That’s one thing that I think almost everyone actually Twitter does live shopping as well. They just haven’t introduced it to everybody. They have Walmart doing it. Everyone can get better at being a host if you are trying to sell online, I have not seen one person I don’t care if they’re a host on QVC or some of the older platforms, home shopping network, you will always have a hiccup. And that Hiccup is the chat. Right? And the hiccup is always what questions are coming in? Do we have that size? Do we have that color did we just run out are we doing a price drop there will always be an element of live to live shopping and that will always be one of the things that every single person can get better on. So if you are only going to do tiktoks In just 15 seconds and call it a day or Instagram reels and call it a day that’s great unless you have an E commerce side of things where you will always need to hone those skills of being able to know the knowledge that you have about all their pricing your stocking your you know every the fabrics, all that stuff for each product and then be able to handle in real time. All of your chats your comments, your you know your questions, that’s always going to be something that every single purse person who is in that situation will have to get better on. Does that make sense?

It does make sense that’s interesting. I am new to I guess selling a product to having a like an actual product and my business I’ve been a service based business for almost six years and this year if you’re listening, you’re listening to this in 2023 so this year um, I launched a template shop so now I have like products and digital inventory. And with that does come a support side so I see what you’re saying as far as live shopping and people are purchasing things questions are coming in and you have to be able to juggle all those different elements but what I will say about that is just do it like you have to I guess dive in and start somewhere before you can, you can really get in your rhythm of like selling ecommerce products through social media, because I think that’s just a whole that could be a separate podcast episode ecommerce and social media is a whole ballgame over there. So I think that’s a good thing to look into though the the live shopping. So if you’re listening to this at home, and you are more of a product based business, I would love to hear, and I’m sure Sandra would love to hear in our DMS, how you are kind of leveraging social media to push those products.

Yeah, well, and even if you’re not into products on live, you could end up being you know, doing tick tock lives or Instagram lives and just talking about maybe your website, right? If you are a blogger, maybe that’s your, you know, your side businesses affiliate links inside of your blog, that’s different than, you know, maybe getting on and showing a product, right, so. So if you’re really showcasing your blog, or your website as the product, right, because it houses all all those other things, you know, those are two different ways of selling, I think and, and really, it comes down to being able to articulate your message. And a lot of times when you get on live, people don’t know what they’re going to talk about. And so and I posted if you’re following me on any channel, follow my YouTube at College of style, because I’ve posted their story arcs that you are going to do for your lives, right? Of course, any social media, you have to have a goal, right? You have to and that’s just with every post, you have to have a goal. What do you want people to do at the end of this? Do you want them to drop your comment? Share it, save it, send it to themselves? Right? follow you? What is your ultimate goal? Because when you get into social media, you can either let it run you or you can run it right? Because that’s that’s having strategy. If you have a strategy going in, you will run your social media, because then you will know what you’re trying to measure. If you’re going in there haphazardly, right, then you’re just like, Oh, that’s great. I gotta follow. Oh, that’s great. She commented, no, what do you what did you do to get that right? Was it just accidental? Because the algorithm just randomly did it great for you that day, like, don’t be accidental about your social media, be intentional about your social media, and then you will be able to say, we were intentionally going for this. And we failed short, right? We missed the mark. Or we’re intentionally going for this. And we added on here, well, maybe we can then really curate what we’re doing for the next thing, right?

Yes. Oh, my goodness. Yeah. See, this is why people need a business coach when it comes to social media. Because there’s just so much thought and intentionality and strategy that goes into this before you just click the button and hit post. So I love this. i Yeah, this is a lot like I’m over here taking notes, guys. Um, but we are at my favorite part of the show where I love to ask this question, I ask this question to creatives across various industries, because I think that this is the point people learn, I think in sound bites, they really do. So people are long form content listeners, like I have the people who are in my inbox who are like, No, I listen to your podcasts from beginning to end. But for those of you who are skimmers, the people who love the sound bites, I am going to ask Sandra, this question, what are three actionable steps that a person could take to move forward in applying this information today. So three

actionable steps that you can take to move your business forward on social media are number one, set a schedule that works for you? Don’t worry about what other people are telling you, you have to post this many times a day or on this particular time of day or you know what you do, you set your schedule. And then you revise that schedule based on how you see that growing for your business, how you see your analytics in your dashboard and what’s working for you. That’s how you decide when you’re going to post how you’re going to post is based on you actually doing the work on behind the scenes part. So you set your schedule and you do the work on the behind the scenes. Number two, you build your editorial calendar and that means constantly going back to the editorial calendar and revising it to work for your business. You always have national holidays, sporting holidays, you know whether it’s the NFL Superbowl or whatever, what have you it doesn’t matter where you are in the world. There’s always going to be holidays, there’s always going to be federal or national. You then build on to that based on what you want to do for your customers. Right? Do you have an annual sale? Do you have a friends and family sale? Do you have announcements for birthdays for your customers? Do you only do your founders birthdays, sale, whatever it might be you build on that editorial calendar based on what you’ve seen in business past and what has worked for you and then you customize it each year to make sure that it’s continuously working for you, right? The pandemic screwed a ton of people’s editorial calendars because nothing was happening, right? So people didn’t sit back and say, Well, we’re gonna celebrate this holiday, even though no one will be there. Right? They had to revise it right? To build on what worked for their customer base. And that’s what I mean by build it. And they will come, right. Right. And then the third one is not just thinking about, Okay, I’ve set my schedule, I’ve built my calendar, well, then you have to commit to measuring the progress, measuring all of what you have put out there in the online sphere, don’t just rely on what I would say, is kind of like lazy analytics is, you know, each platform has their own thing. So you can go in and look at it. Don’t be on the lazy analytics side of things actually build out your own thing that you can say, Okay, well, I’m gonna take this, maybe you’re on Sprout Social, maybe we’re on HootSuite, maybe you’re on something else, right? But you have to go into each platform and see, okay, how are they now? Changing what they’re giving more priority to? Because it doesn’t really matter if they’re telling you You did great over here and not so good over there. Why did you do great over there? Did they introduce Instagram reels, right? Did they take away stories or whatever, there’s so many things that matter when it comes to the measuring of progress that basically you have to look at, like maybe even the press rooms of Instagram, or Tiktok, or Snapchat to see okay, now that now I know that they’re prioritizing this this particular feature, that makes sense, because that’s the feature that did so well in my analytics, right? Because you can’t just go, Oh, my content was so great that it did so well. No, there’s a little bit of a like a caveat to each one of those measurements, right? And then you have to make sure that your tools are actually going to work for you, right? Maybe you need an analyst, maybe running numbers isn’t your thing. But doing that makes a lot of sense at the end of the day, because if you are a visual learner, right? You said people kind of do long form content short. Sometimes people need an info graph to kind of put all that information someplace right to say, Okay, well, this is what it means visually, this is now where we need to go. So you have to number one, get into that place of setting yourself up for success, get a schedule, actually stick to it, then build that editorial calendar out, don’t just let it lie there flat and be like, well, I made a calendar will if you don’t actually act on it, you got to do something with it. Right? And then actually do something about that. The aftermath of that, in measuring progress and tweaking things that need to be tweaked and understanding that it’s not all your content, because your content was so phenomenal. And so fire, right? If there’s other things happening, because you a lot of times, and I’m long winded on this answer, because you think about the AI and all the algorithms plural, because people blame the algorithm singular, it’s not just one. And if you Google it, it’s like, the algorithms on Google are changing every eight seconds or something like ridiculous. So it is learning as you are submitting or posting, right. But there’s also bias in algorithms as well. So you have to kind of sit back and have that kind of bigger picture as to what you’re putting in there to then know, okay, well, if I put this in there, and I got this back now, what can I do to fix that? And I think that there’s that like extra picture that you have to look at to say, now I’m on a holer picture, knowing what I know.

Yes. Oh, my goodness, that is fabulous. And I completely agree. So from my notes, because I write these down to guys, like the ones that y’all are writing down at home, I write them down when I have these incredible conversations. So really, what we have to do is set that schedule, have that editorial calendar, and then really using that measurable data that we receive, to refine and continue to put out good content. And I love that and your point to the fact that there are multiple algorithms, I have always thought I thought that like people were like, I hate the algorithm. And I’m like, is there really only one? Like, is there this singular room entitled The algorithm on the door? Um, thank you for confirming that there are multiple algorithms because I’ve always wondered about that.

Yeah, well, I mean, they’re all working in tandem, like together but but when I say set, set a schedule, I don’t want people to confuse setting a schedule in an A calendar as the same thing. Setting a schedule for yourself is really what I’m talking about. So if you set that editorial calendar, well, then you yourself have to show up for the events that you’re putting on that schedule. So that’s that’s what I mean by set a schedule for you for you to show up visually for you to show up for maybe even your employees right who are maybe doing all the creating on the producing for your content online.

Yeah, So I love that. Oh, this is so good. Well, I am super excited for all of the things that you have going on this year. Um, where can people find you?

I know you mentioned your website is there anywhere else where people can find you online to connect with you after listening to this episode? Well, so I always give my three I would say my three top favorites, number one being LinkedIn, all you have to do is search my name Sandra, Colton, mid DC, and you’ll probably find it somewhere here on the episode title or whatever. And then second, YouTube, because I’m all I’m trying to do a whole bunch more on YouTube these days. And third, which people are gonna find this interesting. I am tired right now between Tik Tok which I have at College of style. But I just started doing Pinterest TV. So I would connect with me on Pinterest if you are not a pinner. There’s a lot of really great organic reach that you can find on Pinterest that you could direct a lot of traffic to your own website for free. So find me over on all those it’s at Kohl’s or sell on all of them for social, and of course on LinkedIn.

Oh my goodness. Yes, that is awesome. I will definitely be checking out all of those places. I had to have added Pinterest as more of a focal point for social media in my business this year. So super excited to see how that goes. Well. Thank you so much for being here today. Sandra and I am excited to continue to see like what you do in the world of social media.

Well, thank you so much for having me.

Wow, that went by really fast. As always, thank you so much for showing up in my little corner of the internet. I would love to hear your thoughts on the show. So please, please subscribe, leave a review and share what you learned with friends. Some of the best things in life are freebies. So don’t forget to head over to Brandon by to check out our free branding goodies. This show notes and more educational resources.

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