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Design On Demand – An Inside Look at Our New Service

What if I told you that your long list of design tasks could be completed in a day? In this episode, I’m sharing all the details about our new Design on Demand service! Over on my calendar you’ll see Design on Demand days and you can book us for a full day or a half day, where we will be completely “at the ready” to do the design refresh projects that your business needs. Avoid the wait list AND we can take care of all of the back and forth in real time! Can’t wait to work with you!

The Branded by Bernel Podcast is brought to you by Bernel Westbrook, lead designer and founder of Branded by Bernel, a design studio dedicated to building strong brands and Showit websites for creative entrepreneurs.

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Introducing Design on Demand

In the creative industry, you may have heard of a VIP day, where service providers are offering a dedicated 8-hour day to provide their services to you. Essentially, that’s what our new service, Design on Demand, offers to get your design needs completed.

It’s not uncommon for designers to have waitlists for their availability in order for you to work with them, but sometimes you simply need a job completed quickly and can’t wait.

We wanted to offer the full Branded by Bernel experience alongside a VIP day to help you knock out those pesky tasks that you’re pushing to your to-do lists.

What Could Design on Demand Tasks Include?

One of our favorite approaches to Design on Demand is website template customization. So what that includes is the taking your brand assets and your preferred template, jumping on a strategy call to clarify your needs, then a task list and deliverables on your VIP day.

You could also chose to do mini brand suites, website refreshes, new sales pages, and more during your Design on Demand day.

Please note that full branding suites or full website developments are not included in our Design on Demand services.

How Can We Complete It All in One Day?

Essentially our Design on Demand service provides you with a pass to skip the waitlist and move to the front of the line. When we do this, two things have to be on your list to have: content and communication. Take a look at your content and see if you’re ready to make quick decisions for your website!

What Does a Design on Demand Day Look Like?

Here at Branded by Bernel we offer both full and half day options for our Design on Demand service, but for the sake of clarity, here is how a full Design on Demand day will look.

Prior to your Design on Demand day, you will have a little bit of homework to complete to prep us for your day. Then to kick off your design on demand day, we’ll get started with a Zoom call at 9AM, review the schedule, and plan the day. From 9-12, we’ll get into deep work! Around lunch, we’ll do a quick checkin!

Communication continues throughout the afternoon and we’ll work on finalizing and revising your content. During your Design on Demand day, we can also look at marketing materials and training to help you manage your work!

Frequently Asked Questions About Design on Demand

  1. How is this different from your branding and web design packages? It’s not a full design service and features a quick turnaround time.
  2. How do I send you my files? Google Drive
  3. What if I need more than a day? This is something we’ll discuss in your consultation to know if your project is something we can complete in one day. Design on Demand clients can purchase additional hours as well.
  4. Do you offer a payment plan? We require 50% deposit for your Design on Demand booking, then the other 50% is due on the day of.

If you’re ready to try out our Design on Demand service or any of our other service offerings, head here to inquire!

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Review the Transcript:

Hey, hi. Welcome to the Branded by Bernel podcast. I’m your host burnout. You may know me as the branding and web designer who obsesses over the details. So you don’t have to, we all desire to be great at what we do. Although once we get there, no one seems to talk about the messy middle. This motivated me to set the table and invite industry peers over to share stories about living and working in the creative world. So grab the OJ and champagne, pull up a chair, join the creative community and be prepared to build a brand you fall in love with. This is the Branded by Bernel podcast.

You may be wondering what all of the buzz is own this new service that we released, called design on demand. So a few weeks ago, I put in my stories that Brandon by Brown had a new service offering called design on demand, but I really didn’t explain it. And the feedback has been wonderful, so many questions.

So many people have reached out wondering if this service would be the best fit for them. So I’m excited to just walk through number one, why I created this service, but then also who it was intended for, and then how it works. So design on demand is really just our way of saying a VIP that you may have seen in our industry is branded web designers, there are tons of companies that offer VIP days, I’m even starting to see it trickle over into other industries, other service based industries, where they offer a VIP day. So what is that? It’s basically a dedicated eight hour day. And I’ll talk more about the packages that we offer for that. But basically, it’s a dedicated day to get your design needs done. So in essence, design on demand. In the creative industry, because of the demand that has been created, you’ll see that a lot of designers have four to six week turnaround. But on top of that, we have two to three month booking waitlist. So if you have a project that you need done next week, more than likely, it’s going to be hard to get on a designer’s roster for that. And in the past, we’ve offered retainer services that help with that. But I’m finding that there is a huge need, where clients don’t necessarily need to work with us every month.

So having a retainer is great if you can utilize it, or if you have tasks that needs to be done every month. But what happens when you just want a website refresh, or you’ve purchased the new template, and you really don’t have time to dry it, it’s costing you sleep, it’s costing you time playing with your kids, and you just want your new template up and running. That’s where design on demand comes in, you get the brand new by rail experience, you’re able to work with me one on one for a full VIP day. And we knock out those pesky tasks that you keep pushing to the bottom of your to do list. So it’s really created for those who know exactly what they need, and are prepared with their deliverables. For instance, one of my favorite tasks for design on demand days are website template customization. So what that includes is the template that you’ve purchased, you would provide that to us ahead of time, along with your content and imagery, and any brand specifications that you have. So your color palette, your fonts, things of that nature. And then we would have a strategy clarity call prior to your start date. On the morning of your start date, we just outlined some of those tasks that will be delivered as well as what time you can expect communication. And then midday we do a check in and then at the end of the day, all deliverables are given to you as well as just the wrap up recap call. So it is a full dedicated Day to you and your business.

And the same goes with like many brands suites website refreshes new sales pages, which is huge, because I see so many of you guys launching new products, new courses, and I get inundated with inquiries, asking, Hey, can you add a sales page? Has you just created a course. Can you add that, hey, I’m ready to launch products. I need a new shop page on my website. That’s what this design on demand day is four. So if you have maybe two or three tasks on your to do list that you’ve been pushing down the roster, this is the service for you If we can knock it all out in one day. Okay, so you may be wondering how exactly do we achieve that in one day. Um, so it’s literally like the Fast Pass and Disney World, you cut through the weightless, you cut through the lines. And we plan out a whole day that’s dedicated to you and your business, which means two things have to be in place content and communication. So when considering if a design on demand Day is right for you really look at your content and look, are you ready to have just the design portion taken care of for you?

And are you ready to be able to make quick decisions because communication and feedback are going to be key with this, this day rate does include revisions, but the faster you give me your feedback, the faster you receive your revisions, so just really excited for this to be able to serve a lot more people a lot faster and a little bit lower of a ticket price, than if we were going with a full package. Just to know with this service, it does not include full branding suites, obviously, or full custom web design, those are not things that we can turn around in a day. Those are things that take a little bit more strategy and a little bit more design implementation time. But this is great for smaller tasks, or even larger tasks, but just one or two tasks, if that makes sense. So all of that will be outlined on my website, who it’s for, and why I created it. But I’m really excited to talk you guys through the process of how it works. And just to kind of walk you through what a day with design on demand looks like. So we get started and kick off around 9am.

And so that would start with your kickoff call, we hop on Zoom, we chat a little bit just about the outline of things that we’re going to accomplish that day. Prior to that you would have received your client homework that is due before our kickoff call, but during that kickoff call to answer any additional questions, and then just really talk to you about what that day schedule is going to be light from nine to 12 is designed time. So really just getting into the meat of it. Um, do not disturb to the rest of the world, and being able to just create something beautiful for you guys. Um, around lunchtime, we do have a quick check in. I use Slack, which is a great messaging app for productivity. Love it, it’s very quick. It reminds me of like, I IMing back in the day instant messaging on Yahoo. But that’s a different story. But yeah, so we use this app called slack. And that way I can quickly ask you questions, you can quickly ask me questions, and provide your feedback.

As the day goes on. We send you more things, you send revisions, and then really spending that afternoon portion of your project, making sure we have all of those revisions, making sure that we’re saving all of those new branding files. If you’re doing branding, or saving your website getting ready to connect that to your domain, if it’s a website template, um, we handle all of that during that day. Other tasks that we handle during that day as well, our marketing materials, that’s a big one. So think in terms of pricing, guys, welcome guys style guides, style closets, on your websites, photographers, if you have a style closet, and you want people to be able to look through it, or if you’re getting ready to switch to a album sales specific model, where albums are going to be your largest revenue piece, then maybe having an album page on your website or a client portal or Client Experience page on your website. All of those are tasks that are perfect for design on demand days. Now,

in addition to those deliverables, as far as design, I’ll also offer training because I’m finding that there’s power in knowledge. And it sounds so cliche, but there is power and knowledge I want you to feel confident updating your website yourself. That is something everybody deserves to feel comfortable in their brand in the aesthetic and in the functionality aspect. So training is included with any of our design on demand services. I will walk you through when and how to use these new brand collateral brand marketing pieces. The same thing on the website side how to update that page one We created things the way we did. And then of course, video tutorials as well is a walk away, deliverable that you’ll receive.

So, now that we’ve talked about how that works, I want to spend the rest of the time just answering some of the questions that I’ve received about this design on demand service. So the first question that I received was, how is this different from your branding and web design packages? So that was an excellent question. I received that in a DM. And so to answer that quickly, it just is a very quick turnaround time. And it’s not a full package suite. If that makes sense. This is things that can seamlessly be created for you in a very, very quick turnaround time. So while my web design package offers about 16 or 17 different steps, we’re looking at three or four steps here to have something new. The second question I received was an interesting one, it was, how do I send you my files? Or how do I deliver my client homework to you? So that was an excellent question. Very similar to if you’ve worked with me for branding and web design package, I love love, love Google Drive.

Google Drive allows you to upload files, documents, spreadsheets, video, images, all those great things. And so I will create a Google Drive folder and share it with you and your team. My team will have access to it to my project manager will be able to look through it and let you know if there’s anything else you have to add. But it’s really simple. You’ll be able to upload your images and your content into the Google Drive folder, as well as any branding guidelines if we’re talking about customizing a template for you. And so I do want to this was not a question just a little sidebar, when it comes to website template customization, one of the biggest questions I get is, How will we make it look unique to you? How will we make this template fit for you?

That’s a two part question or a two part answer. Because you bought the template because you love the functionality of the way it’s laid out. So when trying to change every little element of the template, you know, you end up doing custom design type work. So you want to make sure that when you’re purchasing your template, you really do like the flow. What we do with template customization, and template implementation is I take your brand sweet, your branding, icons, your colors, just your overall style, and we bring that into the template. And that’s what’s really going to infuse it with your personality. It’s not necessarily dissecting the template and taking it all apart. And so that is why template customization is an excellent, excellent, excellent way to use your design on demand day. That was a little sidebar tangent.

Another question I received about the design on demand day was what if I need more than a day like what if a day is not enough burnout? Well, we talked about the all of that in your consultation. So before you make any deposit before you sign any contract we discuss if your task really is a good fit for our design on demand days. So I will let you know if that timeframe works for the task that you want to achieve. If it doesn’t, I do offer hourly services to repeat clients. So if you do purchase the design on demand day, let’s say you have five tasks you want to get done, four are reasonably attainable in that timeline, then that additional task will can be built at our hourly rate. Or you can always purchase a another design on demand Day, which leads me to how the design on demand days are structured.

There are half day options, the full day option obviously is going to be the best value. But there are half the options for when you really do just have a small task, you have a launch coming up, you need some launch graphics, you need a new sales page to go with that and possibly some presentation slides because you’re gonna do a webinar on it. Those are excellent things that can be knocked out in that half day rate, possibly with adding on our hourly rate for additional services in the future. Okay, so last question that I want it to cover was the question about payment plans. So I love a good payment plan. If you’ve worked with me, you know that we offer a six month and nine month payment plan For all of our large packages, because I understand that being a creative entrepreneur, usually you get paid in payment increments. And so I want to make sure that you know, great design and an amazing client experience is assessable to most people. And so that is why I offer payment plans on large ticket packages.

Now with that being said, the design on demand days do not offer payment plans, how we handle payments are a 50% deposit is due upon booking and reserving your design on demand day because what happens when you reserve that day is that no one else gets that time. In essence, it’s completely in 100% time devoted to you think about video on demand when you can pull up your movie and watch it at the most convenient time for you. This is design on demand, you can get updates your website, or they see your branding marketing materials at a time that is convenient for you. And all the attention is on you. Okay, so 50% is due when you booked that and to retain that spot, and then the remaining 50% is due on the day of your design on demand with us. So at the end of the day, your remaining invoices do and then your files will be handed over to you or if it was a website project that will be pushed live at the end of that day as well.

Okay, so those were the questions that I had received so far about our design on demand days, super excited. If you have not already checked out the page, go look at it. Let me know your thoughts. If you’re looking at over and you’re like Bernel, I need way more than that. We need an overhaul in our business, we are ready to level up our complete branding, we are ready to switch up our website, we are ready to do something completely different and new, then possibly a full branding or website package is the best next step for you. For the branding and website packages, I do want to note that we are currently booking for September.

So if you think you would like to work with us this year for a total package, then now’s the time to schedule that consultation call. Otherwise, we will have five design on demand days available each month on the calendar, you can check my Instagram Stories, there’s a new highlight for that, that just talks about what design on demand days are available. If you have a project that you would like that you don’t see a date that aligns with that. Don’t hesitate to reach out my DMs are always open, you can send us an email, there’s a live chat button on my website. And we can discuss possibly creating a day for you. If you don’t see one that’s listed. So definitely don’t hesitate to reach out. Last thing I want it to know that, you know, you can book these within a week or two of the day that you want to start as long as you have all of your content ready.

So as long as you know exactly what you need, there’s no need to book these, you know, six months in advance that’s the that’s the benefit of the service that you can get, you know, to the top of the waitlist and that you can get a pretty quick turnaround time as far as the date that you want your designs done. All right. That is everything for design on demand. I’m super excited to hear you guys’s questions on that, if you have any ideas for other things that you would like create it and I design on demand day. I love a creative challenge. So shoot those over to me and I’m excited to see what we can create.

Wow, that went by really fast. As always, thank you so much for showing up in my little corner of the internet. I would love to hear your thoughts on the show. So please, please subscribe, leave a review and share what you learned was friends. Some of the best things in life are freebies. So don’t forget to head over to to check out our free branding goodies, the show notes and more educational resources.

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