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3 Questions You Should Ask When Shopping For Your Online Home2 min read

Are you renting or owning your online presence? Have you ever thought about your social media platform as borrowed land? We are already at the mercy of the algorithm, what would you do if Instagram stopped working? Or if Linkedin crashed?! Scary thoughts right??? Okay you can take a deep breath and stop looking for wine, the scary part is over…

Let’s talk about what you do have control over, YOUR WEBSITE!

Your website is more than an accessory. Its the online home you invest it.

✔️ You determine how you get to engage with your viewers.

✔️ It’s a space dedicated to showcasing your work and your testimonials.

✔️ A place to display your pricing and collect payment.

Just like buying a literal home you want to ask yourself these three questions when shopping for your online home.

1. Is the space secure?

Spam and bots designed to steal your information are a real threat. Make sure your website has an SSL certificate installed. This is what keeps sensitive info safe and so that only the intended recipient can access it. Another reason Showit is our preferred website platform- all subscription levels include free SSL!!!

2. Do you have the time to invest in a DIY project?

Truly there is no right or wrong answer to this! Some people live for DIY projects (I see you Chip and Joanna Gaines fans). If that sounds like you, plus you want to save money and learn a new skill, then you should definitely check out website templates! If that’s not your jam, no worries! The “move-in ready” option is hiring a designer. Everything will be custom-built for you and it’s one less thing on your already overflowing plate.

3. Does it allow you room to grow?

Are there storage limitations? How much traffic can the site handle? When planning out your online home, what services do you hope to offer next quarter, next year or even in the next 5 years? If you want to eventually sell courses, grow your email list or even start a podcast, these are great things to start factoring into the design as well as what third party software you will need to be able to integrate.

Are you ready to decide what the best next step is for your branding? Start by scheduling a complimentary 30 minute consultation here.

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