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Registration Closes March 1st, 2023

Only 10 Seats Available

not in 6 months but in 3 days

It's time you finally have the website of                       

Let's face it. When it comes to web design, most designers have waitlists for taking on new projects. It typically takes weeks—sometimes months—before the next available start date, and then you still have to provide quality brand images of yourself. But sometimes you don't have the time to wait...we have the solution for you!

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your dreams.

With a personalized training and walkthrough of your website you will feel confident to make your own edits in the future.

easy to update

We will walk through the SEO basics of Showit and help you implement page titles and keywords. This helps you show up in Google searches.

Group seo coaching

The photos you take with Jodie on day one will be ready by day two for us to upload into your Showit account.

we upload your brand photos

The Showit platforms allows you to quickly swap text, images and colors.

Showit is drag and drop

Are you a creative business owner who's been putting off building your website because...

You've been looking at website templates but you don't know which one best fits your needs

You've just been using Instagram as your portfolio and you don't have a website

You have a website you DIY'ed and you've outgrown it

The idea of a 6 week custom website project makes your head spin

You don't have branding images and you're trying to design your website around a couple of old headshots

start by

having a clear STRATEGY

Prior to the workshop you will have a zoom call with Bernel and Jodie to help with brand strategy. We'll discuss content pillars, outfits for your brand shoot, which template best fits your needs, and SEO basics.

You will be able to choose a showit website template designed by Bernel that will be customized to your unique needs. Once you choose a template you can start writing out your copy.

then you will

choose a template 

on day one of the workshop you will

get branding photos

To kickstart the workshop you will have your makeup done and have your branding mini session with Jodie. Each session will be 20 minutes long and you'll be able to get headshots, working shots, content for marketing and a gif.

now it's time to

learn how to use your website for success

Day two and three will include educational talks by Bernel and Jodie as well as lots of design time where we will assist you in implementing your branding, adding your photos, writing clear call to actions and more!

how it works:

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this is perfect for you if...

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For you if...

You are a service-based creative entrepreneur looking to level up your website 

You are primarily e-commerce and have more than 20 products.

You love learning new things and you are ready to build your site alongside Bernel and Jodie

You have no interest in how your website works and you would rather it be completely done for you.

You're ready to stop sending people to your social media instead of your website

You just don't want to level up

Working with both my branding website developer and photographer was unparalleled! It was perfectly designed and branding has been SPOT ON!

 The two of them working together helped me translate my brand - and this is critically important for me living out my purpose...and making sure I reach my people. I literally remember Jodie saying "if I don't get some horizontal shots, Bernel is going to be mad at me." And Bernel helping to set up my color palette BEFORE my photoshoot helped me plan my outfits. Executing a brand is hard work, but working with the two of them made it feel flawless. Both of them can have my coins!!! I'm not sure there is any other way to do it.

-Alexis O.

see how we work together


In just 72 hours, we'll help you launch your very own website, tailored to your unique business needs

pay in full


save $125

2 payments of


I'm ready for a new website!

This is truly the best investment I could ever make for my brand/business. It’s bigger than headshots and website pages they go far beyond that to bring brands to the next level

Working with Jodie and Bernel has been such an amazing experience, I met Jodie through a shoot she did for a friend of mine. New to this game of entrepreneurship I really didn’t know where to start, I simply asked Jodie for direction and that’s when she introduced me to Bernel. Their instagram pages were so clean, Professional and BOSS! Showcasing so many beautiful women and their brands, I felt empowered. I’m sure anyone who is successful in business can say they have had moments of self doubt. I found myself in moments of wanting to give up and they have both been a solid support system for me encouraging me to continue forward. They brought my brand to life. I can’t imagine working with one and not the other SO I DON’T!! I encourage any and everyone to collaborate with Jodie and Bernel, especially if you're looking to level up your brand!


Two Carolina girls with a heart to serve

Bernel Westbrook

owner of branded by bernel

Jodie Brim

owner of jodie brim creative

Bernel is a brand and web designer, podcast host and the founder of Branded by Bernel, a full service design studio for creatives. She has worked with hundreds of creative entrepreneurs to build brands and websites that establish a foundation of trust. Since 2016, Bernel has served the creative industry with high energy, tell-it-like-it-is honesty, and a passion for inspiring others. 

Jodie is our visionary, leading the world of brand photography up and down the East Coast for over a decade. She continually pushes the industry, adding services and skills to put her clients ahead of the pack. Since 2012, Jodie has used her skills as a photographer and creative director to capture stunning, authentic images that truly represent her clients' brands and businesses.

Home to the Krispy Kreme donut, Winston-Salem is a quaint city located halfway between Charlotte and Raleigh. With a major airport 20 minutes away and lots of good restaurants and hotels, Winston Salem is the perfect little getaway to work and get your website launched!


at the jbc studio in downtown

get your workshop ticket

recommended lodging list


get your workshop ticket

Winston-Salem Marriott

Hotel Indigo Winston-Salem Downtown

Kimpton Cardinal Hotel

What is included in the admission ticket? 

Strategy sessions with Bernel and Jodie. A ticket to the hands on 3 day workshop in Downtown Winston-Salem. Breakfast and lunch is included. One Showit website template designed by Bernel and a mini branding photoshoot with Jodie Brim. 

What should I bring to the workshop?

You should bring a laptop to access the website and any necessary materials for the workshop that we will send prior to the workshop. 

Will I need to install any software or apps before the workshop?

No, all we need is wifi and we’ve got that covered.

Will there be support after the workshop?

Yes, we will provide an email address for attendees to reach out for support after the workshop.

frequently asked question

BY THE  weekend

we look forward to seeing you at

March 15th -17th, 2023
Winston Salem, NC



we look forward to seeing you at

March 15th -17th, 2023
Winston-Salem, NC