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Cassie’s Cure

Cassie is a self-care and wellness mentor located in Los Angeles, California. She helps women all over the world to simplify their self-care and prioritize peace. Her old website was not cohesive, did not showcase her personality and was difficult for clients to shop. We created a custom Showit website for Cassie that includes a detailed About page and tells of her journey to building Cassie's Cure. We also streamlined her services page for easier navigation.


A clear client journey, with more text hierarchy of headings and subheadings.
We start with strategy helping you to identify your ideal client and then aligning your brands voice, vision, values and visuals to attract that ideal client. 

The blog provides a platform for Cassie to delve into detailed insights about her recent work and thoughts, fostering a more profound connection with clients.

Custom Showit Website

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